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Bank Managment System

The Bank Management System is an application for maintaining a person's account in a bank. In this project I tried to show the working of a banking account system and cover the basic functionality of a Bank Management System. To develop a project for solving financial applications of a customer in banking environment in order to nurture the needs of an end banking user by providing various ways to perform banking tasks. Also to enable the user’s work space to have additional functionalities which are not provided under a conventional banking project. The Bank Account Management System undertaken as a project is based on relevant technologies. The main aim of this project is to develop software for Bank Account Management System. This project has been developed to carry out the processes easily and quickly, which is not possible with the manuals systems, which are overcome by this software.

The advantages of Bank Managment System
  • Single centralised admin system
  • Faster data entry and improved accuracy
  • Compliance module
  • Document and case history log
  • Audit log
  • Management Reporting
  • Integration
  • Health Records
  • Attendance
  • Parent Portal
  • Security

Bank Management System is based on dot NET and is a major project fro students.It is used to Keep the records of clients,employee etc in Bank.The bank management system is an application for maintaining a personal account in a bank

Bank Managment System Features
  • Deals with money
  • Provide loans
  • Identity
  • Withdrawal and payment facilities
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Customer Portal.
  • SOL OTP Token.
  • Wallet Solutions.
  • Financial Switch.
  • Tablet application for Door step service.
  • Relation Management - CRM.
  • KYC / Registration / Account Opening.
  • Fixed Deposit (FD) Management.
  • Retail Lending (disbursement & collection).
  • CIBIL check API Integration.