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Locker Managment System

Locker Management System to your gives you even more control, while saving space and money. It means that, as well as controlling access to each building or area, you can also control access to lockers, cabinets and boxes. This allows you to use lockers dynamically, so you have fewer to buy and maintain. And employees can use just one card to access buildings, rooms, lockers, filing cabinets, laptop storage, post boxes and more.Locker Management System allows you to step up your protection by extending your access control principles to cabinets and other storage spaces. You can determine who has access to which cabinet, at which times and under which circumstances, and track who gained access and when.

The benefits of Locker Managment System
  • Save management time.
  • Improve staff productivity and potentially well-being.
  • Reduce the amount of floor space dedicated to storage
  • Benefit from long-term cost savings.
  • Support hot-desking, flexible and agile working practices
  • Our knowledge to support your business case.
  • Optional service level agreements.

Locker Management System - is a reliable and effective system that enables an organization to manage and track locker operations in the bank/gym/schools etc using biometric and improve security of the lockers

Locker Managment System Features
  • Centralized web based system
  • Create your locker rooms with your own locker numbers and specific sizes
  • Assign locker to customer. Customer could be individual, joint or corporate
  • Fingerprint verification support.
  • Stores transaction details of every time Locker is operated.
  • Generate paper slip as an acknowledgment
  • Provision of barcode integration for marking Time IN and Time Out
  • Effective search mechanism
  • Payments tracking
  • Generates Payment slip for the customer
  • Fully customizable system
  • Option of Email and SMS notification
  • Extensive report generation